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Hi Everyone,

I had moved into this house in March of 2013, after losing our old home to foreclosure, and it had not been lived in for 5+ years. It was being sold by a man who bought it from the past owner in a packaged deal for the acres of land that she had also wanted to be rid of. He did some cosmetic fixing of the house to make it look presentable to people who were interested. But in all honesty he did not do any proper up-keep of the house because he just wanted to dump it.

Fast forward a year and things are falling apart. The house was not insulated, the windows are in disrepair, neither of the bathrooms are in working order, the roof is leaking into the house, the basement stairs are hazardous, and the list just goes on.

We moved into this house because it was cheap and we had no where else to go. Had we known that all of this disaster was waiting for us we would have done our best to find somewhere else to live. But we were and are running out of options. I would not be making this post if I knew of anything else to do. I want this house to be a safe environment for my mom and severely autistic brother, and as it stands this house is almost unlivable.

We do not have the resources to fix and repair this house ourselves. We have reached out to so many programs to help us but to no avail. Something has got to give, you know? I am a freshman in college and I can only do so much. I am physically disabled and suffer from major depression and anxiety. But I cannot just sit here and watch this house fall around my family and I. I am looking into every avenue I possibly can to help in this stressful situation.

So please, signal boost and donate to my gofundme campaign if you can!

I hope you all don’t mind that I am tagging my biggest fandoms to help spread the word. Thank you all! There are pictures at the campaign page, and I will be updating with more soon.

Help Us Make Our Home Livable


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